Whoever says you can’t get something for nothing obviously hasn’t ever heard of no deposit bingo bonuses. All of the sites in the table below are offering new players a completely free bonus of some kind, no deposit required. Pretty much all of the sites also offer generous deposit bonuses if you do decide to stick in some of your own cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most common questions we are asked when it comes to no deposit bonuses. Always make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the offer so that you know what you have to do to claim it, and if there are any requirement attached.

Q. Are no deposit bonuses a scam? 

Whilst the idea of ‘something for nothing’ may ring alarm bells in some peoples minds, in the case of online bingo it really is the case. The bingo sites are all in competition with each other for players and offering completely free bonuses is a relatively cost effective method of attracting players. Many players claim these bonuses and walk away with a few quid in their pocket in winnings, and we’ve even heard of the occasional story of a player signing up on a NDB and winning a huge jackpot.

Q. Why do bingo sites offer no deposit bonuses? 

They’re meant as an incentive for you to try their games. The theory is if they can get you through the door, you’ll like what they have to offer and will stick around. Of course not all players will stay, but plenty do. The theory is a little like a loss leader in a supermarket – where they intentionally they lose money on promotions to get you in the shop. Many bingo players also share information on bonuses with their friends – which gives the bingo sites some relatively cheap viral marketing.

Q. Who can claim a NDB? 

Each sites will have their own eligibility requirements, but all of the bonuses listed on this page can be claimed by bingo players in the UK. Non-UK players can claim many of these bonuses too, but we’re primarily a UK site and the Brits are our primary concern. We should also point out that, to reduce abuse of the bonuses, many bingo sites restrict the bonuses to one per household – so if your husband, wife, granny or anyone else who lives with you has already claimed the bonus, you may not be able to. Similarly, some sites have restrictions based on IP address or network – so if you share an internet connection with a lot of other people (such as in university halls of residence) you may find yourself unable to claim a bonus. If in doubt, as the customer support department of the bingo sites you’re interested in.

Q. How do you claim the bonuses?

A. The actual method varies from site to site. Some sites will automatically credit your account with the bonus after registering, meaning it’s available for use straight away. Others may require you to enter a specific bonus code, contact customer support, or register a debit/credit card in order to receive the bonus. In the majority of cases the process needed to claim the bonus will be clearly stated on the bingo site. If in doubt, just ask customer support.

Q. Can I just withdraw the bonus once I receive it?

A. The bingo sites that are offering these bonuses may be generous, but their not chumps. Any bonus you receive will most likely come wth some kind of wagering requirement – a minimum amount of bingo you need to play with the bonus before you can withdraw it. The size of the wagering requirements vary from site to site, so make sure you check the terms and conditions of the offer you’re claiming. Again, if in doubt, ask customer service to clarify the offer for you.

Q. Can I withdraw the money after meeting the wagering requirements? 

Absolutely, after all what would be the point if you couldn’t! There are usually minimum play requirements attached to the bonus so you can’t just sign up and withdraw the bonus, you actually have to play with it a little first. Some sites may also impose limits on how much you can win from the free bonus – make sure you read the conditions of the promotions and adjust your play accordingly.

Q. Why do I need to register a debit card?

Some bingo sites require you to register a debit or credit card in order to claim the bonus, whilst others don’t. Those that do, do it as part of their fraud prevention program so that people can’t sign up hundreds of time for the bonus – it is free money after all. Bingo sites also have a responsibility to help prevent under age gambling, so registering a card is sometimes used to verify that you are over 18.

Q. If someone else in my house has already claimed the bonus, can I claim it too?

Again, this varies from site to site but in the majority of cases these completely free bonuses are restricted to one per household – even if you’re not related. So if you have housemates who also play bingo, you might need to find out where they have accounts.

If somebody else in your house does have an account, contact customer support first and ask them if you can register – some sites won’t even let you have more than one account registered at the same house (regardless of the surnames on the account), even if you’re not claiming bonuses.

Q. What should I do if I’m automatically given a no deposit bonus, but I don’t want it?

Some sites do just give you the bonus on registration, so if you don’t want it you’ll need to ask for it to be removed before you start playing or you’ll have to meet the bonuses conditions. It is important to have the bonus removed (not just requested) before you start playing.